Cultivating Young Hearts and Minds with Kindness and Love

Our approach to early childhood development instills confidence to help children be school-ready and successful in life.

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We understand that your child is your greatest treasure. Their happiness, well-being, and development mean the world to you. There’s no substitute for the love, care, and connection that you provide. However, we also recognize that life’s demands can sometimes require you to entrust your little one to someone else’s care.

Choosing the right child care center is one of the most important choices you’ll make. LOVE Academy is designed to provide not just safety and supervision, but also a place where your child feels loved, valued, and inspired.

Our Approach

Building Confident Kids to be School-Ready and Successful in Life

Learn Through Play Activities

Motor Skills Development

Adaptive Growth Tracking

Enhanced Social Skills

Problem-Solving Techniques

Our Child Care Programs in Tulsa, OK

Helping Kids Grow at the Right Pace

Tender Care for Our Littlest Ones

Infant Program (6 weeks to 1 year)

Our dedicated caregivers offer tender care and attention to your little ones. We prioritize their well-being and create a loving atmosphere that supports their early development.

Discovering the World with Wonder

Toddler Program (1 to 2)

We encourage curiosity and independence as your child explores the world around them. Through age-appropriate activities and guided exploration, we foster their social skills, independence, and love for learning.

Inspiring Young Minds to Soar

Preschool Prep Program (2 to 3)

Our Preschool Prep Program for children aged 2 to 3 focuses on nurturing curiosity and growing their potential. Through a play-based approach, we foster their social, emotional, and cognitive development, laying a strong foundation for their future educational journey.

Building Foundations for Lifelong Learning

Preschool Program (3 to 4)

Our play-based Preschool Program inspires young minds to soar. We ignite their creativity, critical thinking, and love for learning through engaging activities and a research-based curriculum. Your child will develop essential skills and prepare for a successful transition to kindergarten.

Preparing for Success

Pre-Kindergarten Program (4 to 5)

Our Prekindergarten Program is designed to build confidence and prepare them for success in school and beyond. With a comprehensive curriculum that promotes critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, we empower your child to thrive academically and socially.

Fun and Growth Beyond School

School-Age Program (5-12)

Our vibrant School-Age Program offers a stimulating space for children aged 5 to 12 years. With a perfect balance of structured activities, homework support, and opportunities for social interaction, we create an environment where children can learn, explore their interests, and build friendships.

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